Why Choose a Livable Pod SIP Kit studio shed?…

  • Storm, Pest & Mildew Resistant
  • Affordable Small House Living
  • Self-Build Designs

  • Easy to Install
  • Complete Kit Packages
  • Energy Efficient SIPs

…We Deliver Unique Lifestyle Living!


A few Words from Livable Pod Owners

We are all delighted with the building, it has by far exceeded our expectations. When I have time in October I will email a few pictures of the finished product as you may want to put it on your website. Again many thanks
Mr. David Freeman
It’s lovely, Moved in over the weekend, it’s perfect. Thank you very much indeed.
Ms. Anne O.
We love the studio pod! It sits at the bottom of the yard and looks like it was meant to be there, looking just like that. Can not wait until the cladding goes up, think it will be even better then. Thank you again for great service.
Dr. Ellis Tanner
Livable Pods Studio Shed

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