Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your Livable Pod SIP kit will include the core materials needed to begin construction on your own Livable Pod.  Your order will arrive with the following materials:

  • Precut Exterior Wall Panels
  • Precut Exterior Roof Panels
  • Header Panels, Per Plan
  • Window Openings
  • Door Cutouts
  • Electrical Boxes integrated into Wall Panels
  • Plate Lumber
  • Fasteners
  • Caulk
  • Special Panel Tools
  • Plans
  • Instructions

Options and Upgrades

You can also customize your Livable Pod wih a selection of options and upgrades.

  • Panel Thickness
  • Metal Panels
  • Precut Floor Panels
  • Extended Roof Panels

It’s easy. Simply complete the Request form and we’ll prepare a quote.  Our terms are 50% down and 50% at time of delivery.  Shipment of your Livable Pod typically takes about 6-8 weeks from the time of deposit to delivery.  The Livable Pod shell is fabricated in the closest factory to your location and then shipped flat to your location.  Shipping charges are based on common carrier costs and are included in your final quotation.

If you are breaking ground to install a concrete pad for your Livable Pod it will be mandatory for you to have a soil test. This is a pretty simple process and determines what the requirements are for the design and install of footers and/or a concrete pad. Each pod site will be different and a soil test will confirm the appropriate footing system for your Livable Pod design.

You will not need a soil test if you’re placing your Pod on an elevated wood frame.

The staff at Livable Pods has over 60 combined years in the construction and home improvement industry. We have over 30 combined years in the SIP structural insulated panel industry. We have participated in the design of homes for subdivisions and can help you with you development needs. This service is fee-based to complete the due diligence of each project requirement.

Many municipalities do not require a permit for designs of 200 square feet or less. In most all major cities a permit will be mandatory and is based on the local build code in any given area.
Some cities may require a shed use permit typically being $ 35.00 to 55.00 dollars. Other requirements may include the requirement of a set back to be meet code, normally this requirement is a 5 to 10 foot setback from the back property line.  We recommend you contact your local building department and ask about permits regarding “accessory structures”.  For a modest fee, Livable Pods will assist you in applying for a permit and supply all the necessary plans and calculations for Building Department submittal.

In the Southeast United States Livable Pods can be installed by approved installers. If you need an installer we can manage the process on behalf of our clients and a quotation is provided during the design or purchase process. Install crews are also available in other States; please contact us to see the availability of these services.


Our design using SIP’s for the structural shell creates a sustainable structure. This also minimizes the waste of building materials and can reduce the overall cost. Using prefabricated SIPs will create a sustainable envelope that is energy efficient with integrated components that enhance sustainable design. Our designs can reduce waste up to 50%.

Yes, Livable Pods are extremely insulated. Livable Pods are fabricated with SIP technology (Structurally Insulated Panels). SIP’s are utilized in floors, walls and ceilings.   Combined with interior and exterior finishes, doors and windows from top rated manufacturers and other features, this helps to provide the most energy efficient pod designs.

40% of a home’s energy is spent on heating and cooling. Livable Pods, being a small living space, easily cuts that in half. Based on the National Home Energy Rating System (Hers) the SIPs used to fabricate our Pods are rated at the highest possible for Structural Insulated Panels. These assist in achieving the 5-Star energy rating on all our Livable Pod spaces which provide and maintain a comfortable living temperature.

This will depend on you local building official’s requirements. There are several requirements when designing footers for a structure. This is normally performed by a licensed contractor from your local area. Ask us about foundations that require no footing system.

We’ll be glad to discuss this with you.

We can help you source products such as solar power systems, solar water heaters, water tanks; and the highest energy star rated appliances as well as rated plumbing fixtures to ensure your Livable Pod reduces the reliance on mains power and water. We’ll also continually add eco-friendly product upgrades. Black and grey water recycling systems, composting toilets will also become an upgrade option. We’ll be glad to work with you to source the products needed. Please contact us.

Because your Livable Pod walls, roof and optional floor are fabricated using eco friendly SIP’s, you can choose any interior and exterior finish you’d like. Any finishing materials like drywall or siding used on a home can be applied to your Livable Pod.  We can include a Materials List with your order to make it easier to complete your kit.  Our clients can choose from a range of external cladding’s, windows, doors, decking and flooring.

If you use a standard pod design this will decrease your deliver time from 6 to 8 weeks. We may be able to ship your pod much faster if our production line is building the same Pod for another client. If you require a custom design, this is a more lengthy process. Standard packages can be delivered in 6-8 weeks and sometimes much sooner. Custom design delivery dates will depend on the requirements you specify. Complex or designs extensive in nature may require up to 12 to 15 weeks. Constant communication and our strong relationship with our clients will always speed up the production time. If we send you a drawing for approval, expediting the drawing with your changes will increase your delivery date. We’ll provide you with regular updates during the process.

Of course this is typical and fairly easy. If your local building codes can accommodate an addition, we can design a livable pod space to meet the requirements. Using a livable pod space can ensure minimum site disturbance and cut the construction time in half in many pod projects.

If our standard floor plan doesn’t meet your living requirements, we’ll review you request and meet your specifications. We can also add square footage, and at the same time we minimizing costs using our standard pod panel system. Our expert staff will define your requirements and make recommendations for a Livable Pod design that is best suited for you and your build site.

All foot prints are expandable, however we only expand in 2 and 4 foot increments.

Our pod designs include several standard sq foot packages. Our typical sizes are 10 x 12 ,12 x 16 , 12 x 20 ,12 x 24 ,12 x 28 ,16 x 20 16 x 24, 16 x 28 , 16 x 32 ,20 x 20 ,20 x 24 ,20 x 28 20 x 32 , 24 x 24 , 24 x 32 ,24 x 36 and 24 x 40

We can also customize and configure most any size of pod that would meet your design requirements.

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