The ‘Work/Life Balance’ has become a much-referenced term when talking about the stresses of work and the ability to relax after-hours. In essence, it relates to creating clear boundaries between the way that the body and mind operate when at work and at home. It’s important to psychologically differentiate between work and leisure in order to relax and recharge. When the work/life balance becomes blurred, there’s a risk of stress and burnout. So, a good work/life balance should be something we all aim for.

Working at home can create particular difficulties in achieving a good work/life balance, for obvious reasons. It can be hard to switch off and ‘mentally’ leave work behind when your home and work are the same place, and it is common for work to creep more and more into your leisure time in this situation. On the other hand, the ‘life’ aspect can just as easily permeate into work time, with the ever-present leisure distractions of the home.

A Livable Pod Garden Office is the ideal solution for working at home and achieving a positive work/life balance. With a dedicated space purely for work set aside from the house, you can leave everything to do with work behind and keep the home a recreational haven. As well as creating a clear physical boundary between work and life, a Livable Pod garden office also enables a greater level of productivity due to an absence of distractions found within the house, and its location within the natural greenery of the garden.