Throughout the U.S. it’s easy to see that more often than not its hard to find affordable living space. Several cities are developing competitions for designing an affordable living space. Several major cities are amending codes to allow for smaller living space to be built accommodating the need. Tiny living is not just a trend anymore it’s becoming a necessity that brings more attention to a range of age groups. It seems that all age groups have a high interest in the small living space trend.  Is less more?  It very well may be when it comes to affordable living environments that offer more than expected.  Small space living ranging from 250 square feet to 800 square feet has not been a huge hit in the U.S until the last few years. Many countries such as Japan and China have been utilizing small space concepts for years, and now that the United States sees the benefit,  its becoming almost a mainstream effort to empower the design industry to overcome affordable small space hurdles that will bring solutions to the part of the housing industry.

Livable Pods is not in a competition, but we are on the right track to offer and create designs that meet our customers’ needs. Our continuous effort in designing and offering affordable pod space clearly shows that small solutions can solve big problems. Most of our Pod designs range from 200 up to 800 square feet but can be designed to meet customers’ unique lifestyle needs. All of our models can easily include a bathroom with a tub, a kitchen and windows that look out to the outdoors with natural lighting.

We realize that small space living is not for everyone, we have our work cut out for us in the Tiny House living market, but we offer an alternative for the Client that sees the benefits of our designs.

Our designs are of modern architecture, the prices all depend on the package you may choose.  We try and make it affordable for the average middle-income person.

Living in a small space takes unique kind of people, we hope to meet you!