We can design any custom Livable Pod space to fit your lifestyle. We focus on designs that work well with SIPs yet still have a beautiful architectural setting.  We found this cross-shaped design by Avanto Architects that creates space with privacy for small space living and are now designing our Livable Pod version

Custom Icelandic Pod

Imagine, your Livable Pod can rest silently in the natural surroundings.  A single story building with a footprint of 840 square foot, this Icelandic Pod captures an extremely charismatic presence – especially in the snowy wintertime. A Livable Pod that offers a sense of peacefulness as if  this sort of inhabitable piece of architecture had always been there…However, there’s large life inside this cross-shaped plan…


Avanto Architects

This simple design has open space that invites everyone to enjoy four different views. With a master bedroom points to north while the dinning area offers views to the south. The living area is cleverly orientated to west while the kitchen is placed at the opposite side, looking east.


Both interior and exterior are extremely minimal. With an open outdoors contrast design in order to balance nature and man. The exterior facade is treated with tongue and groove cedar stained black, while interior surfaces are smooth knotted pine and bright white paint on the ceilings. This Pod disappears totally when seen from a lake, while the white reinforces the warmer atmosphere inside each space.